Paint Shop

Firma Tarapata Sp. z o.o. have much experience in the powder coating of metal parts.

For best result, proper powder coating, very important is to maintain strict procedures for surface preparation details. The washing process take place in our paint shop in a five-zone lines with the use of degreasing- phosphate. Thus prepared detail, suspended on a conveyor, get into the cab to spraying and then are delivered to the conveyor oven to polymerize  the paint.

By constantly monitoring the quality of bathing and maintain the same quality of paint, paint adhesion, gloss and color.

Maximum dimensions of parts:

height of 2 000 mm,
width of 350 mm,
length of 900 mm.

We are looking for bulk orders of large and painting. We will offer a very competitive price performance because of the huge technical capabilities of our painting.

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