We hereby invite you to submit an offer for the supply, installation, configuration and commissioning of a hydraulic press in accordance with the attached technical specification.


  1. Place and date of order execution


1.1   Place of delivery and launch of the subject of the contract:


„Firma Tarapata” Sp. z o.o.

ul. COP 15

39-300 Mielec



1.2   Delivery to the headquarters of the Purchaser under the conditions of DDP Incoterms 2010.

1.3   Deadline for completing the subject of the contract –  by 31 .01. 2021



  1. 2.       Names and codes regarding the subject of the order determined in accordance with the Common Procurement Vocabulary:

CPV codes:

42636100-4: hydraulic presses

       42000000-6: Industrial machines


  1. 3.       Description of the subject of the contract


Type of contract: delivery.


3.1. The request for quotation concerns the selection of a hydraulic press including delivery, installation, configuration and commissioning at Tarapata Sp. z o.o. in Mielec.

3.2.  The supplier is obliged to offer a brand new press, in accordance with the specifications set out in the description of the subject of the contract, together with delivery and starting it at the place referred to in this request for quotation. It is required to attach a technical description that allows an unambiguous assessment of compliance of the offered devices and their parameters.

3.3. A detailed description of the subject of the contract is given in point 3.5.

3.4. The supplier of the subject of the contract must have the knowledge, experience and potential necessary for the proper performance of the service. The verification is based on the Supplier's Statement and providing references.

The condition of the Supplier's participation in the bidding procedure is to present a list of at least - 3 completed projects regarding the supply of hydraulic presses with not less than 5000 kN pressure force and no later than 5 years back from the time the offer is submitted in these proceedings. The list should include: delivery date, recipient's name, short technical description of the press.

  • The Contractor undertakes to keep confidential all confidential information obtained in the bidding procedure and during the service execution. Such information may not be disclosed to third parties.

3.5.  Technical specification:

  • 1 hydraulic press with a minimum pressure of 8000 kN in the manual version, with the option of expansion with a robotic transfer system and material feeding station from a stack of templates/blanks.

3.5.1.       Detailed description of the subject of the contract:

  1. Slider pressure minimum 8000kN
  2. Dimension in closing 500 mm
  3. Slider stroke minimum 1100 mm
  4. Adjustable slider stroke length from the operator panel
  5. Working surface of the slider, minimum 1600x2600 mm
  6. T-slots in the slider arranged according to the drawing of the press table in Annex No. 2
  7. Number of slider working cylinders - min. 2. Design of slider guides - attach a brief description.
  8. Protection against gravitational slider falling (SITEMA)
  9. Damping of hydraulic slider impacts
  10. Fast travel function [with a minimum speed of 400 mm/s] and a slider return [with a minimum speed of 400 mm/s] with the function of soft braking before a given position
  11. The applied hydraulic drives as well as the control of the slider and the cushion must provide the possibility of smooth adjustment of force and speed settings depending on the position of the sliders
  12. Required pressing speed:

At nominal pressure, slider speed of 22-28 mm/s

at half the nominal force, ensuring a minimum speed of 30-35 mm/s

  1. Control solution for single or multi-person operation
  2. Press table working area 1600x2600 mm
  3. Press table thickness minimum 290mm
  4. Press table equipped with mounting holes [located on the front and rear side] for the quick tool change system selected by the Employer.
  5. Column spacing from the front and rear presses 2600mm [attach a dimensioned sketch of the projection of the press from the front and side presses or press section at table level]
  6. Holes (blinded with lids) in the press table for ejector pins. Dimensions and arrangement of holes and T-slots in the table according to the attached drawing. (Annex No. 2)
  7. Required cushion strength 2000kN, continuously adjustable from the operator panel from 100kN
  8. Number of cushion operating cylinders - min.2 Cushion guide structure - attach a brief description.
  9. Cushion travel in the press table minimum 400mm
  10. Cushion stroke length adjustable from the operator panel
  11. Cushion area 2050x1300mm
  12. Cushion equipped with hardened, replaceable and demountable covers with a minimum hardness of 44HRC at the contact points of the cushion and ejector pins
  13. Variable displacement main pumps controlled by proportional valves
  14. H type frame
  15. Touch operator panel with a minimum diameter of 14 inches [colorful]
  16. The software is to have a graphical user interface with visualization of the current position, current forces and set forces for all sliders
  17. Measurement of forces carried out by means of pressure transducers in the hydraulic system
  18. Proportional valve control by means of PWM signals is recommended, it is not allowed to use valves equipped with control cards mounted on the valves. All control of proportional valves and the executive control signal should be derived from the main PLC controller of the press.
  1. Pressing time specified from the operator panel
  2. Memory of at least 50 formulas
  3. Press cycle counter on the operator panel
  4. Machine time counter (understood as the time of main pumps work)
  5. Oil temperature control
  6. Min 8/8 configurable digital inputs/outputs as a function of slider position; configuration from the operator panel
  7. Light curtains at the front and back of the press, safety system ensuring PL e level
  8. Control system, decay and phase unbalance (power supply)
  9. Operator panel mounted on a rotating press arm in a place safe for operation
  10. Press equipped with anti-vibration pads or shock absorbers
  11. Automatic lubrication of press moving parts (slider guides and pads) with oil recirculation and filtration
  12. Oil cooler with fan and water circulation cooling connection.
  13. Hydraulic press tool mounting: 8 pcs for the slider, 8 pcs for the press table, required clamping force 20kN/1 pc at 250bar pressure
  14. Hydraulic lifting of the press tool by means of rollers or balls embedded in interchangeable T-slats
  15. Dimension of the side window of the press 1600x1000mm
  16. Direction of receiving scrap metal and parts through main windows - front/rear of the press [describe the proposed solution]
  17. Ladder and platform for maintenance purposes. The platform is flush with the front side of the press.
  18. Maximum height of the working surface of the press table from the floor 1050 mm. [With the vibration isolation element. Press foundation on shock absorbers and on an existing channel. (channel drawing in Annex No. 1).

3.6.  Additional requirements

3.6.1         All technical requirements regarding the subject of the contract should be considered as limit ones that must be met by the proposed devices. The offer should be accompanied by a description indicating a full and unambiguous assessment of the compliance of the offered devices and their parameters with the requirements specified by the Purchaser in the technical specification of point 3.5.

3.6.2         The subject of the contract must be delivered and launched to the headquarters of the Purchaser

3.6.3         The commissioning is considered to be a positive result of the tests carried out on selected technological processes using the equipment supplied by the Purchaser

3.6.4         Signing the acceptance protocol is possible only after successful technological tests and delivery of complete technical documentation, declaration of compliance and other documents required by law (if such a requirement exists in Poland) for the entire subject of delivery.

3.6.5         The performance of the contract is tantamount to signing the acceptance protocol and conducting the necessary training without the Purchaser's comments. This protocol will be the basis for issuing the final invoice.

3.6.6         The contractor's remuneration is a flat-rate price for the performance of the subject of the contract specified in the request for quotation with attachments

3.6.7         The technical documentation of the machine must be in Polish and contain at least:

  1. Technical drawings made in the CAD program of press components on a CD or USB stick, 2D or 3D
  2. Electrical, kinematic and hydraulic documentation
  3. Operating documentation and operating instructions
  4. List of electrical and mechanical spare parts
  5. Copy of machine controllers software


      Other parts of the documentation not included above may be in English.


  1. The Purchaser provides media supply at the place of delivery, access to the assembly site from Monday to Friday between 7-23.
  2. The Purchaser, for the implementation of the subject of this inquiry, will pay the Supplier remuneration in the following tranches: 30% (advance payment), 50% (after reporting readiness for shipment), 20% (after launching and signing the acceptance protocol). Advances will be paid after the Supplier has established a security on due performance of the Order/Contract. From the date of signing the contract, the Supplier shall provide a security in the form of a blank promissory note bearing the "not commissioned" clause with a notary signature signed together with a promissory note declaration. The return of this security will take place immediately after the day of successful completion of the Order.
  3. The Supplier shall conduct training in the use and operation of the device of the Employer's selected employees at the Purchaser's headquarters.
  4. The subject of the contract is to be marked in such a way that it is possible to identify both the device and the manufacturer.
  5. All details of the order including the requirements of this request for quotation will be specified in the contract drawn up between the Purchaser and the Supplier after its selection. This inquiry does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Civil Code and does not oblige to conclude a contract on the part of the Purchaser.



  1. Date, place, method of preparation and submission of bids.


4.1   Deadline for submission of bids:  by 21st of February 2020

4.2 The date of submission of the offer is the time when the offer is received by the Purchaser. Offers submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

4.3 Place of submitting the offers:

„Firma Tarapata ‘’ o.o.

Ul. Wojska Polskiego 3

39-300 Mielec


The offer must be made in Polish.

The offer must include the total net price for delivery of the whole item specified in this request for quotation.

The supplier is bound by the offer for a period of 60 calendar days counted from the date of the deadline for submitting offers.

The offer should be submitted in one of the following ways:

  1. in person at the headquarters of the Purchaser
  2. b. send by post or courier to the address of the Purchaser

in a sealed envelope marked "Bidding procedure 1/FT/2020. In the case of shipping by post or courier, the envelope should be inside the sending envelope with the annotation "Do not open before February 24, 2020.”

1. Each of the correctly marked offer envelopes will be stamped with the date of receipt by the Purchaser.

2. The offer should include the bidder's declaration of the technical feasibility of performing the contract.


  1. 5.       Date and rules for opening the offers.
  2. 6.       Criteria and method of offer evaluation
    1. The Purchaser will assess only offers that are not rejected and submitted by Suppliers not subject to exclusion from the procedure.
    2. The Purchaser will select the most advantageous offer that meets all formal criteria, meets the requirements of the technical specification and receives the highest number of points.
    3. Offers that meet all the requirements presented in this request for proposal will be ranked from the least favorable to the most favorable within the individual criteria. Points will then be awarded in accordance with the points methodology described below. The Contractor who wins the highest number of points in all criteria will win the bidding procedure.
    4. The Purchaser reserves the right to conduct interviews with each bidder prior to the announcement of the result of the decision.
    5. When choosing the best bid, the Purchaser will be guided by the following criteria:
      1. Formal
  1. Date of opening the offers:  24th of February 2020 at the headquarters of the Purchaser.

The form of assessment: complaint/not compliant. The Purchaser assesses whether the offer:

  • was correctly delivered within the required time,
  • has the required attachments,
  • the price includes the entire subject of the contract,
  • is not an optional or variant offer,


Compliance with each of the formal criteria is obligatory.


  1. Substantive (point)


The Employer awards points in the following criteria:



B1. Net price

The price of the net order (excluding VAT) will be taken into account for comparing the offers. In the case of a price given in a currency other than PLN, for the comparison of offers, it will be converted taking into account the average NBP exchange rate on the last day of submission of offers.  

                                               Suppliers will receive points calculated according to the formula:


                               C=(Cmin/Cr)x50 , in which


                               C – number of points awarded in the net price criterion

                               Cmin – the lowest price among the offers submitted

                               Cr  –net price of the offer under consideration

                               Maximum number of points in the price criterion– 50 points



B2 Expert assessment –

Assessment of the technologies used in the device, design solutions that affect the service, functionality, durability, operating costs.

Maximum number of points in the criterion -  25 points



B3. Guarantee and warranty

                B3.1 12 months of full guarantee and warranty -   5 points

                B3.2 24 months of full guarantee and warranty -  15 points

                B3.3   Service group location in Poland – 10 points


Maximum number of points in the criterion – 25 pkt



  1. 7.       Guarantee and service


7.1. The minimum guarantee and warranty period for all required devices is 12 months [from the signing of the final acceptance report].

7.2. During the guarantee period, the Supplier will provide free service covering inspections and maintenance resulting from the recommendations of machinery and equipment manufacturers. Service will be provided at the place of use of the press by the manufacturer's authorized service.

7.3. The response time is the time from reporting a fault by phone or email until the service intervenes - a maximum of 4 hours (applies to business days from Monday to Friday). A response is considered to be contact by phone or email to determine the problem as accurately as possible.

7.4.  All guarantee repairs will take place at the expense and responsibility of the Supplier, who will also provide competent staff and transport (to and from the service to the Customer).

7.5. During the guarantee period, the Supplier will collect and deliver the device at its own expense if repair is not possible at the Purchaser’s premises.

7.6. If a defect is revealed during the guarantee period, which will take more than 5 business days to remove, the guarantee period will be extended by the downtime of the equipment, and the replaced parts will be counted again from the time of replacement.

7.7. Other terms of the guarantee will be specified in the contract drawn up between the Purchaser and the Supplier after his selection.


  1. 8.       Procedure for awarding the contract, exclusion and risk
    1. The proceedings are conducted in accordance with the principle of competitiveness.
    2. The contract will be awarded in accordance with the principles of transparency, openness and protection of fair competition.
    3. Suppliers shall participate in the proceedings at their own expense and risk. Bidders are not entitled to any claims against the Purchaser.
    4. Offers placed are not refundable.
    5. The bidder may withdraw or change the offer until the offer submission deadline.
    6. The bidder may submit only one offer.
    7.  Partial offers, optional and variant offers are not allowed.
    8. Offers that do not have the attachments required in the Procedure will not be considered.
    9. Partial offers, optional offers and variants are not allowed.
    10. The Supplier is obliged to attach to the offer a declaration of economic and technical ability to perform the Order under this Inquiry.
    11. The Purchaser reserves the right to cancel and terminate the bidding procedure at any stage without the selection of the Supplier. Suppliers are not entitled to any claims in this respect.





Contact between the Employer and the Supplier

  1. The person authorized by the Purchaser to contact the Suppliers and provide information is:

Tomasz Klag

e-mail:  tomasz.klag@tarapata.com

  1. Questions can only be sent via email in Polish or English.
  2. Submission of questions by Suppliers does not extend the deadline for submitting bids.
  3. The Purchaser shall respond to the questions related to the tender procedure.
  4. Questions and responses are public and will be published on the website.
  5. The Employer reserves the right not to publish the question and answer if it would violate the interests of the Purchaser, third parties or would be in conflict with the policy of equality and competitiveness.
  6. The Purchaser reserves the right to change or supplement the content of the Inquiry before the deadline for submitting offers. Information about the change or addition to the content of the Inquiry will be forwarded to Bidders immediately in writing via e-mail (applies to offers received by the Purchaser) and will be published on the website.
  7. If the introduced changes or additions to the content of the Inquiry will require a change in the content of the offers, the Purchaser shall extend the deadline for submitting offers by 7 days.
  8. After opening the bids, the Tender Committee may contact the Suppliers with questions regarding the content of offers via email.
  9. The deadline for the Supplier to provide a response is a maximum of 7 days from the time the question is sent by the Purchaser.
  10. 9.        Final provisions
    1. The Inquiry for quotation is published on the website www.tarapata.com
    2. The Purchaser will notify all Suppliers who submitted their offers by e-mail of the results of the procedure. The results of the procedure will also be posted on the website www.tarapata.com
    3. The following annexes have been attached to this Inquiry for quotation: constituting an integral part thereof.
      1. Annex No. 1 Drawing of the existing building channel intended for the foundation of the press.
      2. Annex No. 2 Drawing of the hydraulic press table.



Answer in relation to the question received:
regarding point 45. side window size 1.600x1.000 which one is horizontal and which is vertical?

Please be advised that: given in point 45 dimensions should be taken:
1.600 -   width
1.000 - Height  

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